“Just Can’t Get Enough”: Meet the Little Rock Star

In my last blog post I have shared photos from the recent photo session of little Toon and his beautiful mother Myra in Rotterdam.
But I wasn’t done yet! There are some portraits of Toon I want to feature in an additional post. They have a particular mood, and I’ve even created a special effect that I believe fits it perfectly: a kind of limelight.

Let me introduce to you Toon the rock star! He is handsome, both sensitive and tough looking, with this dramatic and charismatic expression. And don’t forget his blond curls! I am very much impressed by this little guy!

Artistic portrait of a little boy with blond curls and expressive dark eyes. His expression recalls the images of the rock stars from the late eighties.

portrait of a handsome little boy with piercing dark eyes. Portrait of a tough looking little boy: his hair, expression and clothes recall the style of the eighties. portrait of a little boy wearing sun glasses portrait of a tough looking little boy wearing sun glasses
What do you think?

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