Winter Efteling: the Magic

I still like fairy tales, they speak to my imagination. And winter holidays are all about magic. So I was very happy when my husband surprized me with tickets to the winter Efteling theme park. I knew it will be a long day full of walking but I could not resist the temptation of taking a camera with me. Well, just one lens… And now I cannot help sharing some photos with you.

lamps hanging on the trees in the dark

A magical tree telling fairy-tales in the Efteling theme park.Tom Thumb and the Giant in the Efteling park The Little Red Riding Hood in front of her granny's house A figure of a Wolf in the Efteling park The square with the Donkey in the Efteling park in the winterMagic lights in the Efteling in the evening De Efteling Pagoda in the evening The lights on the boast in the Efteling by night a view from above a panorama from the Pagoda by night at full moon Picturesque lanterns in the winter Efteling park by night The illuminated Fata Morgana attraction at the Efteling in the dark

I enjoyed the day tremendously – a walk through the Fairy Wood, the old-fashioned carrousels, all sorts of attractions, the whole magical atmosphere, Even the birds were almost tame here. The Aquanura water show also made a great impression on me.

I have also found something for my Portal fine art series (you can see more from this series on my fine art website).

From the From the

And I have to tell you, it is not only fun, it’s also an awesome location for a photoshoot. It can provide amazing backgrounds and mood for a child portrait, a styled photo session for a grownup or a fun family reportage. I would definitely recommend it. I also secretly hope some of my clients will suggest this location this year so that I have an excuse to visit it another time 🙂

Thinking about which kind of photo session to try? Check out some suggestions and please share your own ideas!