Forest and Dunes: Wassenaar Children Photography

Nelleke is a mother of five beautiful children – Charlotte, Christiaan, Diederick, Olivia and Floris. She wanted to portray each of them and the family together in a natural and memorable way capturing each kid’s personality, the purity of their age, and the genuine emotions of the moment. Nelleke thought about some beautiful forest or dunes as an ideal location for this photo session, and we have chosen the surroundings of Wassenaar that offer a combination of both. It was a poetic and picturesque place, and the children could run around and play freely.

outdoor group portrait of five children

The kids and their parents, Nelleke and Dick, were just awesome and I have great time photographing them. Our session was freestyle and fun and delivered a whole reportage full of precious moments and natural expressions. I’d love to share some of these photos with you.

Color portrait of a boy with large blue eyes Portrait of a cheerful boy in forest Color portrait of a small blond boy in the dunes Colour portrait of a girl nostalgic and dreamy portrait of a little boy in a field photos of a little boy walking in the wood photos of children playing in nature portrait of a boy with an open smile photo of a boy playing hide and seek a collage of photos of children during a walk in the dunes portrait of two boys portrait of a small blond boy with an independent expression Child portrait in a wood Portrait of a boy group portrait of a father together with his three little sons during a walk in a wood nostalgic image from a children reportage in the dunes portrait of a girl photo of two little girls playing in the dunes photo of a mother playing with her two little daughters in the dunes child portrait in the warm light of the

portraits of a little girl playing in the dunes: the photo of a little boy playing close to the water portrait of a little girl wearing a red beret that makes her look like Little Red Riding Hood

photos of a little girl standing in a tree and in a field portrait of a boy in a forestPhotos of a little boy with a bouquet of grassPortrait of a girl wearing a red beret portrait of two little girls in a forest at dusk A close-up portrait of a little girl with blue eyes photo of a family with five children in the dunes

Nelleke is great in home design. I was impressed by the interior style she created for the family’s house in The Hague: elegant and classic and warm and cozy at the same time. Nelleke was looking for unique and personal wall art decoration with family photos. She developed a beautiful composition of classic frames and I am happy that my blog post provided some inspiration here. We also made use of a special simulation app to check out in advance how some photos will work out together in various combinations. Now this wall photo collection has become a wonderful focal point in the living room, a symbol of love and warmth in the family. We have also designed smaller portrait groups for other rooms and then, there is also a large album. It tells a story about a day in a life of the family: a story of childhood, brothers and sisters, children and parents, and lots of love. I am honored I was allowed to help preserve these wonderful memories forever.

Thank you, dear Nelleke, Dick, Charlotte, Christiaan, Diederick, Olivia and Floris!

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