Character and Color: Rotterdam Child Reportage

Little Julian was getting four years old and about to join school. His mother Simone thought it was a great moment for a special photo session to capture the boy at this precious age.

Portrait of a red-haired little boy in a park

Simone also has a feeling for interior design and wished to re-decorate their home with unique and personal wall art pieces. She was looking for artistic child portraits: refined, yet natural, reflecting the child’s character. And Julian has a bright personality, indeed! Looking like a cherub with his golden locks, he is always in for some boyish adventures, so we thought an outdoor photo session would be perfect for him.

Classic and vintage-like portrait of a curly lacking child

From Julian’s home in Rotterdam Kralingen we took a walk to the picturesque Arboretum Trompenburg park. It was a lovely morning and it felt almost like summer. Julian run around and played with his parents in the green alleys. The result is a reportage full of beautiful moments, with a range of emotions and styles: classic black and white, colourful and vivid, dreamy and nostalgic.

Here are some emotional portraits of Julian in color and black in white that I’d like to share with you.

classic black and white portrait of a little curly boy with an impish smilephoto of a little boy with red curls Photo of a little curly boy with a sarcastic smile

photo of a curly boy playing with a ball
photo of a little boy with golden locks photo of a little boy with red curlsphoto of a funny curly little boy photo of a redhead little boy making funny facesblack and white portrait of a little boy with a bossy expression on his face photo of a little boy shouting Retro-like black and white portrait of a curly child photo of a little boy in an autumn park photo of a little boy lifting a large branch of a tree Black and white portraits of a little boy playing with his mother black and white photo of a laughing child photos of a little curly boy playing with his father photo of a little boy with an impish expression on his face timeless black and white child portrait

Thanks a lot, dear Julian, Simone and Onno for this wonderful day!

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