Nostalgic and Romantic Reportage: Arnhem Children Photography

Timeless portrait of a child sitting at a river bank looking at the waves

Rita wanted a photo session of her three-year old son Collin to capture that timeless fairy tale that is childhood. She was looking for images that would be nostalgic and dreamy, even with a retro touch, and would capture both the essence of that gentle age and the boy’s personality. I am always happy to create artistic child portraits and loved Rita’s idea.

Romantic vintage style suits Collin with his long dark curls and expressive bright eyes. Rita and I have also discussed the clothes and accessories that would be right for the retro approach.

Black and white image of a laughing little boy who jumps and dances out of joy. A retro-like photo of a little boy walking through a field. In the background there is an old mansion. The atmosphere and the muted colors add a vintage feel to the image. A nostalgic retro style portrait of a little boy sitting on a chair in a field with a mansion behind him.

We held our photo session in Arnhem in a field and at a riverbank in the surrounding of the boy’s home. A perfect location for natural yet romantic atmosphere, allowing our little prince to run and play around and to dream away watching the boats passing by.

It was a lovely day and Collin had fun together with his mother and his sweet cousin Vanessa (I am going to make a special post of Vanessa and Collin together).

Our photo session yielded not only wonderful wall art but also a special photo album with a whole nostalgic reportage.

Here is our photo story about little Collin.
Nostalgic and vintage style images of a little boy walking with a small suitcase through a field and along a river bank watching the boats. Romantic portrait of a little boy in front of a river. A romantic and nostalgic child portraitVintage-like images of a little curly boy

Retro-like romantic photo of a little boy A nostalgic image of a boy sitting in the sand next to a field A romantic and dreamy child portrait depicting a little boy sitting on a small chair at a river bank A dreamy photo of a little boy playing at a river bank next to the water A dreamy photo of a laughing little boy running through a field A romantic child portrait A nostalgic photo of a little boy running through a field Vintage-like photo of a little boy filling his pocket with stones A romantic photo of a little boy dressed in retro style clothes in a field Retro style romantic portrait of a little boy with a field flower in his hands Vintage style child portrait

Thank you for the special moments, dear Collin!

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