Friendship and Glamour: Rotterdam Girlfriends Photo reportage

Ariadne, Astrid, Carla and Willemien know each other since early childhood and have just celebrated their fifty years of friendship! To cherish friendship for half a century is an amazing gift.

Photo of four elegant ladies having picnic.

The ladies decided to commemorate the special date with a fun photo session and a picnic together. Our location was Algera bridge in the surrounding of Rotterdam. The four girlfriends grew up in Krimpen and Capelle aan den IJssel. Algera bridge was an important part of their daily life, such as cycling to school together. Now, just like in their schooldays, the ladies had fun climbing the bridge and had a picnic on the riverbank with a view on this landmark.

Four elegant ladies posing in front of the bridge. Four laughing ladies embracing each other Group photos of four ladies with a Land Rover Photos of a group of women chatting and posing together on the stairs A group portrait of four elegant ladies

A fun girls’ party requires a cake: it was decorated with old photographs made of marzipan and was delicious! And the ladies’ elegant and colorful gala dresses brightened the day and added a touch of real glamour to the bridge.

Photos of a cake A group portrait of four elegantly dressed ladies during a party. A dreamy photo of a group of women having a picnic Group portraits of four elegant ladies having a picnic together. A group portrait of four elegant ladies posing in front of a bridge.

The photo reportage resulted in four beautiful albums encapsulating the fun of that special day together!

I am really happy I had a chance to photograph this beautiful event. Thank you, dear Ariadne, Astrid, Carla and Willemien!

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