Soulful Sisters: The Hague Child Photography

Neks was looking for a special present for her husband Piet and decided to surprise him with a collection of portraits of their grandchildren. That’s surely a great gift, so I was excited to bring this project to life!

Emotional and classic portrait of a teenage girl laughing, with wind in her hair

The granddaughters, Maurita and Flien, live in The Hague. These pretty young ladies are also smart and artistic. Fourteen-year old Maurita loves music, math and sport. Flien is twelve and enjoys theatre, hockey and clothing styling. The sisters also are each other’s best friends!

We were looking for natural and classic outdoor portraits and took a little photo walk in the girls’ neighbourhood in The Hague. The girls turned out born photo models! Let me share a few images with you.

Black and white portrait of a girl

Color outdoor portrait of a girl

Portrait of a teenage girl among the trees with rich late summer colours

Portrait of a girl under a tree in a parkPortrait of a girl in a parkClassic black and white portrait of a girlColor portrait of a teenage girl with beautiful hairColor portrait of a teenage girlblack and white portrait of a girl with a friendly smileBlack and white portrait of two teenage sisters in a parkPortrait of two teenage girls in a park

Thank you for the pleasant photo session, dear Maurita and Flien!

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