Family Reportage in Rotterdam Delfshaven

Let me share with you some images from a recent photo session with Eva, Gerben and their little son Noah. The photo reportage was a gift from Eva’s father for Noah’s birth. Now Noah is half a year old: he is so precious and so dearly loved!

Portrait of a beautiful couple with a baby: everybody is laughing and full of joy

We took a walk through one of the most picturesque places of Rotterdam – the historical Delfshaven. Just look at this beautiful family, how happy they are together. It was a real pleasure to photograph them and I love the images! Thank you for the lovely day!

Classic black and white portrait of a handsome father holding his baby boy in his hands.

Delfshaven is a lovely location for a photo shoot, especially on a sunny day like that!

Family photo reportage in Delfshaven in Rotterdam

Black and white portrait of a young couple with a baby standing next to a canal in Rotterdam

Classic black and white photos of a father and his baby son in a small harbour in Rotterdam

Color photos of a baby boy with his father who teaches him to stand.

portrait of a surprised looking baby

Portrait of a couple playing with their baby on a bridge in Delfshaven.

Color portraits of a young beautiful couple walking with their baby boy through an old street of Rotterdam Delfshaven

Classic black and white portraits of a family playing with their baby on a street of Rotterdam: they are laughing and full of joy

Portrait of a mother, her baby son and a grandfather

Black and white portraits of a baby and his grandfather who is proud and happy with the little boy

Classic black and white portraits of a beautiful young mother and her little baby son.

Portraits of a mother with her baby son: on the photo left they are laughing, on the image to the right the baby fell asleep.

Romantic portrait of a couple on a street of Rotterdam

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