A Day at the Riding School: Delft Children Photographer

As promised, here comes the second part of the photo story about little Hailey and her pony Jamie at the Prinsenstad riding school.

Emotional photo of a little girl and a pony

After a walk in the field Hailey watched a competition held that day – her friend Millie was riding and jumping there. After that Hailey cleaned and groomed Jamie, and together with Millie they rode to a large riding hall. The girls were amazing, so skilled and confident! It was a lovely sight to see them ride. And that was not all! After the large hall the girls went to a smaller outdoor riding hall. There they rode Jamie without a saddle and sometimes even without holding the harness – it was like a circus show, impressive and fun! And on the last photos you can see Hailey unharness Jamie and offer him a well-deserved carrot for a snack.

Photos of a little girl grooming her pony at a horse barn

Emotional portraits of a little jockey-girl on a horseback

Photos of a little girl riding her pony at a large riding hall

Photos of a little girl riding a pony

Photos of little girls at a riding school

Photo of a horse

Photo of a young girl riding a black horse

Photos of little girls riding a pony without a saddle.

Photos of two little girls riding a pony together

Photos of a little girl offering a carrot to a horse

Photo of a little girl giving a carrot to her pony

It was a pleasure to make reportage of that beautiful day!

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