Choosing your Portrait or Children Photographer

Photo of a father playing with his little son: so much love, fun and emotion!You have decided to go for a professional photo session for yourself, your child or your family. How do you choose the right photographer?

Here are a few tips.

1. First of all, define the type of a photo session you want. Have you thought of creating portraits of yourself or your child? Or is it going to be the family together? Or maybe a portrait session with individual portraits plus a couple of photos together?

Maybe you even have a special concept in mind: a vintage style portrait, mother and child reportage, a loveshoot or an outdoor “trash the dress” session with your old wedding dress?

Individual portraits have the power of revealing one’s character and unique beauty. Their artistic potential is usually the strongest. Portrait of two people – a couple, parent and child or siblings together – can show their connection, emotion and interaction and also bring out one’s personality. Family group portraits can be formal or more spontaneous, capturing interaction and the happy feeling of being together.

So what is it you are looking for?

2. Do you prefer a photo session in a studio, at home or outdoors? They would yield different mood and style.

3. You have thought of a type of a photo session you need. Now look at photographers’ portfolios and blog posts. What is their style? What does he or she specialize in? How personal is that photographer’s approach? What is it that attracts you most in this photographer’s work?

4. Talk/phone with the photographer to see if it clicks. Your images will benefit a lot from the right atmosphere during the session. Besides, a photo session can be a fun experience in itself!

5. Find out more about the photographer’s policy and manner of working. Is there a satisfaction guarantee? How long does it take before you will see your images? What happens if you or your child gets sick and you need to reschedule a session? What if your child does not cooperate? What if you have an outdoor session and the weather turns out bad? These are some of the questions you may have.

Once you have found the right photographer and scheduled your session you should prepare for it. More about it in my next blog!

Photos from a child photo session at home: little boy is busy with a number of activities and has a variety of facial expressions.

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