A Ghost Story for Halloween

It’s time for a Halloween ghost story!

A couple of years ago, (time flyes!) I had a cool photo session with Edmond Steens, a Dutch actor and a model. Our main photo session was over. We had done a lot but still had some energy left, and it was a beautiful October day. Why not take an improvised photo walk after an indoor session? So we took a couple of props with us and headed to a nearby park. The park turned out to lie next to an old Schiedam graveyard – it used to be Roman Catholic and got almost abandoned long ago. A beautiful neoclassic chapel now hosts a Romanian Orthodox Church.

Black and white portrait of an elegantly dressed man with white angel wingsThe graveyard was closed – but we got some crazy ideas. Edmond played a kind of Mafioso ghost approaching the gates of the other world. Nobody welcomes him and he tries to break in, without success. Will he ever find his peace? With such white wings this ghost cannot be totally bad, don’t you think so?

Photo of a ghost (a man with wings) standing outside a closed cemetery.Black and white photo of ghost - he has wings but is also wearing a suit and a hat - in front of the closed cemetery gates. Photo of a ghost (a man with wings) trying to break into the closed gates of a cemetery. Photo of a winged man trying to open the closed cemetery gates. Photo of an old cemetery gates. A ghost (a man with angel wings) tries to open the closed gates. Vintage look photo of a ghost (man with wings but wearing a hat and a suit) looking at the remote church tower. Antique style photo of a ghost (a man with wings and a hat) walking past an old graveyard. I still haven’t figured out the details of the story but hope for some happy ending…  Maybe you can finish it? Or perhaps you even have your own version of a story?

Edmond, thank you for the inspirational photo session, it was great to work with you!

Wishing Halloween fun to everyone!

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