Amsterdam Family Photography: Timeless Black and White

My previous story about a photo session with Juul, Babs and Truus in Amsterdam was a colorful reportage: fresh, fun, romantic. But [have you noticed that] there were no black and white photos in it? Why not if I usually like them so much? Well, [not without a reason.] I just thought that black and white images from this reportage would make a special series.

Amsterdam is great both in color [with its atmosphere of the moment] and in timeless black and white. So here are our Amsterdam moments in black and white: classic or vintage-like, stylish and nostalgic.

I love this photo of Juul and Babs: an unexpected moment when different realities cross. Doesn’t it seem as though the guys on the truck are looking at the gorgeous blonde from the future right in front of them?

Photo of a couple against a bakery truck. The picture on the truck presents a street scene from the early 20th century. There is a blond girl in front of the truck, en three working class guys depicted on the truck seem to be staring at her.

And here is more: Juul, Babs and Truus with canals, bridges and bicycles, and that unique Amsterdam flavor.

Family photo on a bridge in Amsterdam with bicylces passing by.

Portrait of a young man in Amsterdam.

A couple on a bridge in Amsterdam, with Westertoren tower on the background.

Black and white portrait of a beautiful pregnant woman laughing. She is standing on a street in Amsterdam, and the reflections and shop windows add a surreal background to the image.

Photo of a blond girl looking at vintage postcards in a small boutique in Amsterdam.

Photo of a blond girl looking at postcard boutique in Amsterdam.

Black and white photo of a couple at an antique shop.

Fun photo at a book store in Amsterdam

Portrait of a couple: a young man and a beautiful pregnant woman in a street.

Black and white portrait of a couple in a quiet street of Amsterdam.

Photo of a couple sitting outside at a café in the center of Amsterdam.

Portrait of a blond woman in a street of Amsterdam.

Photo of an elegantly dressed lady holding a bundle of balloons in a street of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam was fun and a wonderful means of expression for Juul, Babs and Truus and for me!

Thank you again, dear Juul, Babs and Truus!

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