Limburg Portrait photography: Jeune, naturelle, charmant

Maaike is eighteen years old and has just started a new chapter in her life: she recently moved from her parents’ house to study at the University of Utrecht.

Time for a photo session and for new portraits of Maaike to decorate her parents’ house. This house was also chosen as our location: a picturesque place in Meerlo, North Limburg, in the midst of nature. A view on the fields, a garden with apple and pear trees, and a feeling of piece and freedom.

When we scheduled this photo session we expected that the beginning of April would be sunnier and more spring-like. But it felt more like last days of winter: so cold, clear and quiet… Maaike and me actually liked this melancholic moment before the awakening of nature. After making portraits inside the house we proceeded with a photo session in the garden and at a small pond nearby.

Portrait of a smiling girl with short hair.

Maaike is not only a beautiful and intelligent girl (specializing in physics, by the way). She is also very natural and a person who dares to be herself. Something I enjoy both as a person and as a photographer. I also had a feeling that Maaike has a kind of French charm, and it turned out she has recently spent some time in France. Jeune, naturelle, charmant are the words that come to my mind.

Black and white portrait of a girl

Portrait of a smiling girl with short hair.

Portrait of a beautiful young girl with expressive hazel eyes and short hair.

Zwartwit portret van een lachend meisje in een raam achter de glas.

Color portrait of a pretty girl with a dreamy expression: she is standing behind a window, and there are some reflections on the glass.

Black and white portrai of a smiling girl wearing winter clothes.

Black and white portrait of a girl in a fruit garden in the winter.

Black and white portrait of a beautiful girl: she wears winter clothes and is leaning against a birch tree.

Portrait of a smiling young girl in the forest.

Black and white portrait of a pretty young girl in a forest on an early spring day.

Thank you, dear Maaike, it was a real pleasure photographing you!

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