Business portrait on location in Rotterdam

Professional portraits are an essential part of self-presentation for companies and organizations. And if you are a small or a one-man business, then you literally are your company’s face.

The way you present yourself on your website and professional networks affects how your clients will see you and your business. Choosing the right portrait gives you a chance to make the right first impression, to express who you are and radiate a particular professional and personal image. It will help your clients connect with you better.

Why choose a conservative formal portrait style if you are a dynamic person working with people?

business portrait of a ladyRandy Dommerholt wanted to make some new professional portraits for her website. Randy offers advice and training in the field of communication, strategic planning, corporate education, and much more.

Direct contact and connection with clients is an important part of her job. So Randy wanted business portraits in a more personal and natural style, without that overly polished “commercial” studio look.We held a photo session at Randy’s office in the center of Rotterdam and it was a lot of fun! We took a range of portraits (and even tried a couple of outfits): also to give as a present to her parents and partner.

The portraits show Randy’s character: an enthusiast and energetic lady with a bright personality.

business portrait of a ladybusiness portrait of a lady business portrait of a ladyzakenportret
Thank you for this portrait session, Randy: it was great working with you!

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