A Secret Children Photoshoot in Rotterdam: A Special Gift for the Mother

Rene wanted to give his wife Bettie a very special birthday present: something that will make her happy and that is lasting as well. Beautiful portriats of their precious little daughters Anna and Lara.

But that’s not all. The photo session should be kept secret. Bettie should see the photographs as a surprise! She had to be away one Saturday afternoon, and then we would hold our portrait session. The whole photo shoot – or at least the photos – should remain secret until the birthday party.

Black and white photograph of a blond two-year old girl

To have a photo shoot of two little girls aged two and three without their mummy being there is a daring plan for a father. For example, Rene had to make sure Anna and Lara ware the right outfits and that their hair is in order. And Rene did it all extremely well! I was also very impressed by the lovely dresses he chose for the girls. Just look how they suit Anna and Lara. These dresses were a surprise too – Rene had bought them secretly and Bettie had yet to see them!

I photographed these charming blond princesses as they were playing around at home and here are some of the images:

Black and white portrait of a little girlColor portrait of a blond little girlPortrait of a capricious blond little girlPhotograph of a blond little girl with an impish smilePhoto of a little girl playing on a sofaBlack and white portrait of a little girl with enthusiast lookPortrait of a little girl with an orange: warm ans soft pastel tints add a dreamy and nostalgic feeling to itPhoto in paster colors: little girl with her hair in front of her facePhoto of a two-year old girl holding her Teddy bearDreamy portrait of a little girl wearing a pink dressPortrait of two little sisters playing

Today the secret is over: Bettie will receive a deluxe print collection and a specially designed photo album!

Congratulations with you birthday, dear Bettie! Also, congratulations with Anna and Lara: they are adorable! And with Rene who had invented such a special present for you – it is true gift of love!

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