Happy New Year!

This year is coming to an end and I look back at all the wonderful photo sessions of 2012.

Christmas card with a night photograph of a Christmas tree. It stands outdoors on the edge of a forest. The little tree is decorated with lights and balls, while the furtrees behind look like giants covered in snow.

I had the pleasure of photographing many special people and families, each of them beautiful in their own way. Children and grownups, newlyweds and elderly couples, family reunions and special events. People from different backgrounds and cultures, different countries and even several continents! It was fun and I learned a lot, too. There were different locations and settings too: from a Spring Ceremony in Belgium to a four-generations family event in the surroundings of Rotterdam.

It was a joy to capture children: cheerful and laughing but also in their moments of thoughtfulness and inspiration. And to witness and to preserve the priceless moments of love and trust between parents and children or romantic moments of couples at any age. I loved to help women prove and declare – and sometimes even to discover – how special, feminine and stylish they are.

I have received many happy and grateful reactions from my clients. I want to thank all my clients and my family and friends for the last year – thank you! I wish all the best in the New Year to all of you – and to all those who are reading this!