A Day in the Life Photo session in Rotterdam: The Lessons of Life

A Daughter and Mother Story

Alicyn had a special gift idea for her little daughter Kate. She wants to make series of authentic and artistic photo album to preserve the essence, feelings and precious memories of her daughter’s childhood years. When Kate will grow up she will receive a collection of photo books with an emotional concentrate of how she grew up.

We had a wonderful photo session with Alicyn and Kate together with a kind of theme that you can call “the lessons of life”. Alicyn had some great ideas for it, like playing chess (which is an allegory of life) and doing things together. I love it when there is a concept to start with: and further it is all freestyle, full of spontaneous activities and true emotions.

We have started the portrait session indoors and on the balcony with a wonderful view of Rotterdam. Then we had a walk at a beautiful alley next to Maas, among the golden autumn leaves. Just a day earlier Kate said to her mother during a walk: “Don’t step on the leaves: they are asleep”. I guess we woke up some of them by throwing them into the air – to make them dance.

The atmosphere of the house and the street where the child is growing up is an important part of childhood. Our photos will become an emotional anchor that will help Kate bring back some of her childhood feelings years later. Mother’s love, playing and learning about the world – this is what this story is about.

Portrait of a beautiful woman sitting with her little daughter in a round armchair (white from outside and black from inside). The little girl leans on her mother's knees with her eyes closed as if she is asleep.

Nostalgic black and white portrait of a mother and her little daughter sitting together in a design armchairBlack and white image of a mother and a daughter sitting on a balcony in a high tower and looking at Rotterdam from above. It is a misty morning the adds to the deramy atmosphere of the photograph.

Photo of a mother and her little daughter playing chess.

Photo of a little girl and her mother playing chess on a balcony.

Photo of a cheerful little girl and her mother. They are playing chess and it seems that the child has won.

Color portrait of a three-year old girl playing chess in the golden light.

Atmospheric photograph of a little girl playing chess in a balcony and her mother observing her.

Black and white photograph of a mother and a daughter hugging on a sofa on a balcony with a view on Rotterdam.

Black and white portrait of a beautiful lady with dark hair and dark eyes lying on a sofa on a balcony. Her daughter is leaning on her mother's breast. The photo is serene, dreamy and romantic.

Black and white portrait of a little girl and her mother lying on a coach and laughing.

Photo of a mother and her little daughter huging and laughing on a blacony sofa.

Photo of a mother and child playing and laughing on a sofa.

A romantic photograph of a mother and child lying on a sofa, looking at each other.

Black and white photo of a woman and a little girl looking in a mirror together. The mirror is not common: there is a text printed on it. It goes about liove and beauty and the mother and daughter are contemplating on it.

Warm color portrait of a woman giving a kiss to her little daughter.

Portrait of a little girl wearing a ballet dress and looking with admiration at the legs of her mother on high heels.

Poetic photograph of the feet of a woman and a little girl. The woman is standing barefoot tiptoe while the little girl is wearing her mother's shoes on stiletto heels. The image is full of soft cool light.

Photo of a mother and a child walking next to the river Maas in Rotterdam.

Classic black and white portrait of a beautiful woman and her little daughter.

Black and white photo of a mother and a child walking in an autumn alley.

Photo of a woman collecting autumn leaves from the ground. Her little daughter is standing next to her trying to understand what will happen next.

Photo of a woman and a little girl in an alley in a park. The woman holds utumn leaves in her hands and is about to throw them in the air.

Photo of a mother and daughter throwing autumn leaves in the air in a park.

Thank you, dear Kate and Alicyn, for this special day!

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  1. sherene hurrell 9 December 2012 at 06:39 #

    so very beautiful Al. What stunning photos. The photographer is very good isnt she?