Outdoor corporate portraits in Rotterdam

Are your profile images on your websites and professional networks such as LinkedIn up-to-date? Are they representative enough and do they reflect the kind of the personality you are? Let’s say, you are an energetic and open person, a professional and a leader: is that also the impression your profile photos create?

relaxed business profile portrait

I often see professional profiles that say nothing about the person. Some people just crop their face from a holiday snapshot. These images are often too casual, of low quality and contain irrelevant or distracting details. On the other hand, there are studio headshots. They have a professional presentation but may also be stiff and boring.

A professional profile image can be more interesting, personal and natural when taken in your work environment or outdoors, for example, in a dynamic urban area. This is why, when Dennis Kranendonk approached me to make some new portraits for his LinkedIn profile and corporate publications, we have decided to have his photo session at the Kop van Zuid, one of the most beautiful parts of Rotterdam. I really like this part of the city for its combination of old and modern elements and for the beautiful view on the Maas. Portraits taken next to the river often have the spirit of openness about them. There is also impressive architecture one can incorporate into a portrait.

relaxed business profile portrait

Dennis and I had a walk around the Kop van Zuid and created a variety of portraits for use on the web, as well as for corporate newsletters and brochures, and for personal use.

You can clearly see from these images, that professional profile doesn’t have to be boring and can be natural and personal.

Thank you for the pleasant photo shoot, Dennis!

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