Beauty in a park: a portrait photo shoot in Rotterdam

Photographing beauty is a pleasure. Photographing a beauty full of creative ideas is also a lot of fun!

Photo of a lovely blond woman in a park, with wind in her hair and a charming smile.

My name mate Olga is an energetic business lady. She works for a multinational company, constantly crosses the world for her job, is always busy but still manages to find time for her friends and social activities. Olga wanted a special photo session that would let her just be herself, have fun and create beautiful memories for the future. She liked the idea of natural environment, so we have chosen the Arboretum Trompenburg garden in Rotterdam as our session location.

When girls want to have fun you can expect some beautiful outfits! Olga likes natural style and so we started with a casual look and jeans. Then there was an elegant white dress, a chique evening dress from black chiffon, and a stylish red trench coat. We had quite a fashion show in the park and we loved it!

Here are a few images from our session. I totally enjoyed working with Olga! Not only because of her natural beauty. I was really impressed with her creativity and spirit.

Photo of a beautiful and elegant blond woman in a park on a pretty white bridge.Portrait of a lovely blond lady in a park. Green branches of the trees form a kind of frame for this image.Black and white portrait of a beautiful blond woman with a friendly open smile.Black and white Portrait of a charming girl with long eye-lashes.Black and white portrait of a beautiful blond girl.Closeup photo of a beautiful girl with big eyes.Photo of a beautiful girl on a bridge in a park. She is wearing a scarlett raincoat.Another photo of a girl in red on a bridge.Portrait of a blond woman under an umbrella.

I cannot fit all these looks into one blog post, so stay tuned, as there is more to come!

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