Zest and Allure: A Fashion-style photo shoot in Rotterdam

I am back with the second part of our “beauty in the park” photo session.

Playing with different outfits in a park – a public place, even if it was rather quiet – felt refreshingly naughty. Already this feeling alone makes the experience worth trying!

Fashion photo of an elegantly dressed young lady lying on a bench in a prak.

Romantic chiffon dress, fabulous designer shoes, and the stockings – this outfit helped highlighting another side of Olga’s character. Just look at this elegant, sensual, ironic, and simply stunning lady in her dazzling femininity!

Black and white portrait of a woman kneeling on a path in a park as she is changing her shoes.

Fashion style photos of a yong elegant woman changing her shoes in a park. She puts on fancy black shoes with high heels.

A fashion colour triptych of a charming blond lady in a park among the roses.

Classic black and white photo of beautiful female legs: the lady is wearing silk stockings and shoes with stilletto heels.

Romantic and sensual photo of a beautiful woman lying on a bench in a park. She is wearing silk stockings and fancy shoes.

Photo of a charming laughing girl in a park: she sits on a bench in a nonchalant way, with her feet on the bench.

Antique style photograph of an young woman sitting on a bench in a park. She wears an evening dress in the style of the twenties.

Retro style photo of a blond woman wearing short black dress. She stands in a park with one foot on a bench.

Retro looking images of a beautiful and elegantly dressed young lady in a a park.

Classic black and white image of pair of beautiful legs. A misterious lady of whom we only see her legs is wearing silk stockings and shoes with stiletto heels.

Portrait of a young woman: her face is half hidden behind a fur scharf.

Antique style photo showing the legs of a woman wearing stockings and shoes on high heels.

Color photograph of a blond girl on a bench in a park: photograph taken through the grass.

What I liked so much about this photo shoot is that this fashion twist is so personal. It is not about being some abstract “model for a day” but about being yourself while being a woman. This experience is meant to indulge both your body and soul, and the results are so much more lasting than a spa visit.

I myself had a double pleasure with this photo session: as a photographer and simply as a girl who loves fashion!

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