The Yellow Dress: A portrait session in Rotterdam

Special gift and fashion fun

Even beauty queens need a personal photo session to make a break and simply feel like a woman! And, of course, to create memories.

Galina is a stunning beauty and had once been elected a beauty queen back in the Ukraine where she originally comes from. A group of friends gave her a portrait session as a birthday present. The ladies decided – and I could not agree more – that it is a special gift that would offer their friend both fun experience and tangible and unique images that will remain.

Portrait of a beautiful young lady with long blond hair. Her yellow dress evokes the style of the seventees.

Galina had experience with modeling before, but now it was not about presenting some products but all about her. Each woman has different sides in her character and I try to give capture this during my photo sessions. So I liked Galina’s idea of trying out more outfits to play with styles and suggest different moods.

Photo of a charming young woman wearing a yellow dress.

We held the photo shoot at Galina’s apartment in the center of Rotterdam and had all the freedom to change the outfits. There were four beautiful dresses and, in fact, we had four photo shoots in one! It was such a girls thing to do, and I loved it!

It is impossible to put the resulting sets of images in a single blog post, so I am going to split them. In this post I wanted to feature Galina wearing her yellow dress. I liked to combine it with some elements of the interior to create a feel of the seventies or eighties.


Stay tuned to see more other images from this photo shoot and give us your comments!

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