Custom Portrait Photography on Location: in your Home and Outdoors

My ways to make your portrait session happy

My goal as a portrait photographer is to give you images that are unique and artistic and are about your (or your child’s) personality and individual charm. Being yourself is essential for such images. My three main ways to facilitate it are:

  • giving you all time and true attention;
  • a 100% satisfaction guarantee to remove any risk and worries on your part;
  • meaningful location choice.

In this post I want to talk about having a professional photography session in your home and on location.

Advantages of a professional photo session at home

First of all, your home is a place where you and your children naturally feel at ease. It is your own territory that you are used to and where you can be yourself in daily life. This will also make it easier to be yourself during a portrait session.

Portrait of a little girl in her living room

The atmosphere of your home is unique and cannot be imitated.

Second, your home has its character as well. In many cases it would reflect your taste and style. But even if you do not live in your dream-house (yet) or do not care much about the interior, there would be some objects that reflect your interests or have an emotional value for you.

For children, an image with some details of the house like a sofa, a fireplace or just a door frame will help them recall the happy moments of their childhood when they will be older. Favorite toys, books, musical instruments, to name just a few, would also contribute to a natural and classic portrait.

Your own house is also the best place to change outfits, adjust hairstyle and makeup. Selecting clothes and accessories and visage is also something I could help you with. We can experiment, improvise and play around, still in a comfortable way – it is a lot of fun and adds variety to your images. The time is all yours, with no other clients next to you waiting to be helped. And, of course, you do not need to go yourself or to bring your children anywhere: the photographer comes to you. I am based in Rotterdam but work at various locations across the Netherlands and Belgium.

Portrait of an elegant man in art deco interior

Your house often says something about your character and style.

You do not need a huge house for a beautiful portrait session. An ordinary size living room with a big window is a fine starting point. I take a lot of equipment with me, including lamps, but prefer to use natural light to preserve the natural atmosphere.

… and outdoors

In my practice, one’s home is often a perfect place to start a custom portrait session. Depending on the type of the session, your wishes and the weather, it is great to go out as well. I love to combine both during a single photo shoot. Sea, forest, dunes are awesome. But one does not need to travel far. A local park, a quiet street or a trendy place in the town work excellent as well. An interesting location captures your imagination, distracts your from worries and adds new inspiration. The weather creates a special setting as well.

fine art child portrait in the dunes of Wassenaar

Each season adds its own poetry to a portrait.

Your home and outdoor locations help to personalize your images, add unique details and make your portraits more authentic. I believe in the power of custom photography to bring out and capture one’s character and genuine emotions. And portraits that show who you are something you and your children deserve!

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