Gent Children Photography: Emilia’s nostalgic photo session

Portrait Session with a little Princess

In the Ardennes, on a hill at the border of the beautiful and mysterious Kluisbos forest, lives Emilia. She likes fairy tales (just like me), has artistic spirit, and wants to become an actress one day.

Emilia’s parents wanted a special and unique portrait session for their little princess. So I came to Belgium all the way from Rotterdam to photograph Emilia in her home. It is a happy home where she plays around with her younger brother and sister (I also have a special story about them). The location is wonderful too: overlooking the valley from the hill gives you a feeling of peace and freedom.

I can imagine how years from now Emilia will look at these images. Some details – like the armchair of her grandmother, the toy car Emilia used to drive when she was small, her Ferrari bicycle and favorite toys – will all bring back precious memories of childhood.

Here are some images from our “princess” photo session. I enjoyed it very much!

Artistic portrait of a little girl en profile, retro style. The lighting creates a chiaroscuro effect.

Closeup portrait of a little girl smiling friendly and gently to the camera. The photograph has a painterly and antique feeling.

Portrait of a little girl on a sofa. Her hairstyle and a beautiful chiffon dress make one think of retro and even baroque style.

Closeup portrait of a pretty little girl with long hair. Beautiful warm light, almost chiaroscuro, adds a painterly effect to the image. The girl's hairstyle and dress give an exquisite antique feel.

Romantic portrait of a little girl.

Portrait of a pretty little girl with long hair and a beautiful romantic chiffon dress. The photograph has warm soft tones and makes one think of an antique painting.

Portrait of a smiling and joyful little girl sitting in a big antique armchair.

Portrait of little girl sitting on a sofa in a living room. She has long hair, wears a white dress and is barefoot.

Charming portrait of a little girl standing at the window. She has a sweet friendly smile and wears a fancy dress. Her look is inspired by retro style.

Closeup photograph of a chaming little girl in an old armchair.

Photograph of a smiling little girl standing behind a big sofa in a living room. The girl has long hair and wears a pastel coloured chiffon dress.

Portrait of a charming little girl sitting behind the steer of a toy automobile in her living room.

Photograph of a little girl standing with a bicycle in the corridor of a house.

Thank you, dear Emilia!

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  1. Daphne 13 October 2012 at 17:21 #

    Beste Olga,

    Wat een prachtige fotografie. Mooi gebruik van natuurlijk licht!

    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Daphne Thunnissen