Portrait Photography and Girl Power

Women and Portraiture: the Power of Beauty

Today I wanted to share a ladies-special message:

Dear ladies,

I believe that sometimes we should celebrate being a woman. It seems like perfect timing to talk about this now, just before the International Women’s Day (8 March: a century-old Socialist holiday getting some publicity in the last years). But I would not relate this issue to any special date. Simply because we do not need any formal reasons to remember that we are women! I would like to remind us about one particular right: as women we have a right to be beautiful (if men are reading this: I did not say that you do not have this right as well, but I will talk about it another time). And beauty is power. Let us use our right and the power it gives us!

sensual and dreamy portrait of a woman from a photo shoot at client's home

Portraits as Self-Reward and Beauty Therapy

Let us be honest: we want some appreciation and – ideally – some admiration as well. It gives us extra fuel, creates happy energy. There is a great recipe to build and to increase the appreciation from the outer world. Value yourself first!

I believe that ordering professional portraits of yourself can be very important in reminding you that you are a woman and that you are beautiful. Many women are too critical of themselves and do not realize how beautiful and attractive they can be. They must see a proof of it. Gorgeous portraits can be a great boost for your good energy and self-esteem. And these are in turn a great boost for your charm! This brings you to a positive circle, reinforcing your confidence and happiness!

Do you know what my concept of beauty is? I am far from defining it as glamour or seductiveness. It cannot be measured in age, weight or how high your stilettos are. You are beautiful when you can be yourself and this makes you shine from inside. It is about your personal charm. Gala dresses and high heels will contribute to the beauty style of one woman (of many women, in fact) but would not fit another one. It’s individual. In most cases you will find it pleasantly exciting to be photographed in special outfits, different from everyday clothes and highlighting your best features. And most likely, you have many attractive features to reveal and more than one special outfit! It is like creating a holiday for yourself. And it is good for you!

Main reasons for a professional photo shoot

Let us sum up some of the advantages of a professional portrait session:

  • Prove to yourself that you deserve special treatment;
  • Feel like a diva during the photo shoot itself;
  • Enjoy different outfits, experiment, discover what you like, be creative;
  • You are allowed to be silly and to act. Get this tickling feeling: it is liberating!
  • Be amazed by how beautiful you are;
  • You can remind yourself of your beauty and increase your confidence when you are down;
  • Have artistic professional portraits of yourself in your house: it is investing in yourself and your memories;
  • Share your beauty and happiness with the world
  • Give your portrait as a special gift to your parents and loved ones
  • Look at that woman who inspires you – yourself!

There are all strong reasons. I am there to help you: give me a call and we can have a chat (obligation-free) about what would fit you best.

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