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Professional portraiture for grownups: fascination and fears

Most people realise the necessity of children photography and are ready to document important events. Yet, the idea of a personal photo shoot often makes one shy.

A professional photo session is not something that we do on a daily basis: at least most of us don’t. It sounds exciting because of the quality results and fine experience it should bring. We all crave to be valued and understood. We also may – secretly or not so secretly – want to try out how it feels to be a star, a model, the center of attention for just one hour. Who would not like to have images of him- or herself that show how beautiful and bright, interesting and unique you are? Good professional portraits make people stop by and enjoy looking at you.

Portrait of an actor and singer playing his piano.

Professional portrait photography is a necessity for an artist but reallife people need it just as much.

Yet a professional photo shoot may appear frightening at the same time. One is usually held back by the two main considerations.

Fear No. 1: Looking good

Hmm, how do I know I will really look good on the photos? It is unusual for me and I will feel tense and nervous and then freeze or start posing unnaturally. I am also not in my best shape right now: yet, life is hectic and I wonder when I will be…

Well, here is my simple answer to this fear:

It is the task of the photographer to help you relax and have fun. A photographer with a good eye will find the right angles and moments to capture. A photographer with empathy will also feel your own style and charm and will reveal them in images. I photograph people on location. That means that I come to you or meet you at some special place so that you can have time and possibility to relax and distract from your worries, as well as to change outfits. Moreover, I offer a satisfaction guarantee, so your portrait session is risk free!

Portrait of an elegant young lady made at client's home

What about looking like a royalty?

Fear No. 2: Do I dare?

Doesn’t a portrait session mean that I am thinking too much about myself? Am I allowed to invest in myself?

This fear is really about one’s self-esteem. Professional portraiture is not some forbidden fruit. You are a unique person and deserve artistic images that show who you are. You also deserve the experience of being a star. It is not just 15 minutes of fame: the results will be visible, tangible, and sharable. You can share your images with the people that are important to you. You can give your portrait or photo album as a gift: what could be more personal? It will not make you look selfish but prove that you care about your loved ones. You do not think about it now, but professional portraits – if you go for them – will be cherished by your grandchildren.

Letting people encounter themselves can be a very positive experience both for my models and for me, and this is my biggest motivation as a portrait photographer.

I am curious to hear your thoughts about having a professional photo shoot. And, of course, I will be happy to hear from you if you have any questions about my sessions!

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