Bethany’s Big Day: The First Communion Reportage in Apeldoorn

Today I want to share some photos from a lovely reportage in Apeldoorn.

I first met Bethany when she was four years old, and now she had a big day: her first communion.


We started the reportage with Bethany getting ready for the ceremony at home: the moments most girls of any age enjoy so much. Bethany is such a pretty and radiant little lady: it won’t surprise you she looked like a princess in her amazing dress.


Children and family photo shoot in Schoonhoven

Today I want to share a photo set from a photo session with a wonderful family in Schoonhoven.

Renzo and Gonda were looking for new children and family portraits. They prefer natural style photography and liked an idea of an outdoor photo shoot. Our location was a pleasant quiet park in the Schoonhoven. It was a bright sunny morning and the kids were full of energy. They already knew the park but there is always more to explore!


At the beginning little Senne liked to run away from the camera so we started with making portraits of his elder sister Yara. What a lovely model she is! Yara is not only pretty but a sweet person as well and was a joy to photograph and chat with. Senne soon got intrigued about the photo shoot and joined the scene. I love his mischievous smile! And look at that dirty mouth and all the wild fun with his moustache-shaped lollypop. It was also wonderful to capture the brother and sister having fun together, the band they have. And, of course, this beautiful family together.


Family photo shoot in Ridderkerk

One of my biggest pleasures as a family photographer is to see my clients back, observe the children grow and meet the new family members. I was excited to hear from Eva and Gerben, a lovely family from Rotterdam, that they were expecting a second baby and then to plan a photo session with their two little boys!



New Photo Series: Pastel

Today I wanted to share something different: a few images from my experimental series. The preliminary title is “Pastel”. When I used to paint and draw pastel was one of my favorite mediums because of its softness.

During my last holidays in France I started a new series inspired by pastel. These photos are created using long shutter speed. It was not meant to show the existing movement. Actually, the idea was quite the opposite this time: adding movement to still objects and scenes. I moved my camera, let it kind of dance, to achieve this vagueness and softness of lines, faded shapes and mixing colors.


The night alley with dark blue sky (“Chorus”) had lately received an Honorable mention at the International Color Awards, and the Chinese vase was published in my online Vogue portfolio a few days ago. Hear are some more photos.


Gent region children’s photography: Giulia

As promised, a blog feature about Giulia, the youngest sister in a wonderful Belgian family I had a privilege to photograph for several years.

fine art children's photography

Last time I had Giulia before my lens she was a sweet half-year old baby. In three years she had grown into a funny little lady. Observing her made me notice some traits she shares with her elder sisters Emilia and Luisa, but Giulia definitely has a character of her own. Like her sisters and brother she is a delight to photograph. Although she was not my main subject on that day I could not possible ignore her. My multitasking pains were more than rewarded with a spectrum of soulful expressions: from joyful and funny to dreamy and thoughtful. Here are some of these moments.


Matteo’s Photo Shoot: Gent region Children’s Photography

In my recent posts about a children photo shoot in Belgium I told you about little princesses Emilia and Luisa, and today I present to you the new photo model discovery: their brother Matteo.

It is such a feast for the photographer when a child sees a photo session not only as a cool event (which it is!) but also as a means of self-expression. That is essentially an artistic approach, and it doubles the fun on the both sides of the lens!

fine art moody portrait of an impish boy


About Winter

The winter is definitely gone now. It smells like spring, and the first snowdrops opened in my garden. Before saying hello to spring I want to say good-buy to winter. There was little snow in Holland this winter but I do have some fairy-tale winter pictures from last month. Made in the Ardennes (you know my love for this region). I always crave for some snow in the winter, and in the Ardennes there was plenty for my eyes to feast on. My Russian soul was happy!